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  • Airless chubby

    It’s no surprise that among other talents, Leonardo Da Vinci understood the penis better than his contemporaries. The common belief during renaissance was that erection was caused by air, but he knew anatomy well enough to know that this happy occurrence was caused by blood.

  • Eternal woody

    Egyptian king Tutankhamun was mummified with an erection because of a belief that it will bring him closer to Osiris, the most powerful god of egyptian mythology.

  • Pyramid in your pants

    Ancient Egyptians believed that erectile dysfunction was the result of evil forces and spells. The cure? – Excuse us if you’re eating atm – A mix of lanolin cream and minced baby crocodile hearts.

  • Not all black and white

    In ancient China it was believed that erectile dysfunction was caused by a disbalance between Yin and Yang, two opposing and complementary life forces. Yin is flaccid and Yang is erect. Get it up and restore your balance!

  • Horny goat

    One of the first treatments for erectile dysfunction was eating goat testis. We’re sure we’ve heard about worse delicatessens.

  • First fall

    The oldest known reference of impotence is dated 8th century BC and comes from an ancient sanskrit text on ayurvedic medicine. The owner of the mentioned penis is unknown.

Men who’ve never known sexual fiasco are invariably the dull, brutish and humorless members of the race.

Stendhal, De L’amour

To succeed with the opposite sex, tell her you’re impotent. She can’t wait to disprove it.

Cary Grant

Imagination is intelligence with an erection.

Victor Hugo

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