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About impotence

It is estimated that most men at least occasionally suffer from some degree of erectile dysfunction or other sexual difficulties such as loss of sexual desire, premature ejaculation, lack of ejaculation, or experiencing an orgasm without feeling satisfied. If you are among them, we can help you. And if you are not, we can increase your enjoyment of already satisfying sex.

“If you tell a woman you’re impotent,
she will try to prove you wrong.”

– Cary Grant

Symptoms and signs of impotence

Impotence is a condition in which a man cannot achieve or maintain a quality erection satisfactorily for normal sexual intercourse. Medical professionals also use the term ‘erectile dysfunction’ which describes this condition and distinguishes it from decreased sexual desire, problems with ejaculation or orgasm. The issue of erection is very important for a man’s self-confidence. Fortunately, today, in 90% of cases, erection problems can be successfully resolved no matter the reason. Occasional erection problems should not be a concern, but if the problem occurs over a long period of time it should be given proper attention to address the uncomfortable problem of poor erection.

What causes impotence

Impotence (erectile dysfunction) can occur due to various physical and psychological reasons. Many diseases can be a potential cause, as well as the use of certain medications, damage to nerves, muscles or blood vessels. Additionally, potential causes can be smoking, as well as alcohol consumption, and certain hormonal disorders (eg, reduced testosterone levels).

A man’s fear that he will not be able to achieve or maintain an erection leads to a vicious circle and worsening of the problem. Our thoughts and moods play a key role in leading to sexual arousal, which is why psychological problems are common causes of erectile dysfunction. People who have problems with impotence often feel guilt, shame, and find it difficult to talk about the problem with a partner. Feelings of guilt can make everyone dissatisfied and affect the loss of self-esteem.

Open conversations with your partner are very important to break the ice, and their support can be key to tackling erectile dysfunction. One of the best methods of treating erectile dysfunction is when both partners agree that they can improve their sex life quality.

Because so many physical and psychological conditions can lead to erectile dysfunction, men should consider short periods of impotence as just a normal occurrence like the common cold. (In fact, even a cold can cause transient impotence!)

Age and quality of sex life

If you are 30 or older, you may start thinking about your youth for a moment, since the best sex, according to expert research, is behind you. Research shows that women reach their sexual climax at just 26 years old, and men reach that same sexual climax at 32 years old. As with most other things people do, the more you exercise, the better the results. It should not be forgotten that sex is fun, and every human needs fun regardless of his age. 🙂


The age of youth is a period in which sometimes quantity is more important than the quality of sexual intercourse. Twenties are the years of discovery, and as many as 85% of men think about sex every few hours. Dvadesete godine su prema stručnjacima idealne za strastveno eksperimentiranje.


Strictly statistically speaking this is the period when most people decide to get married. The first years of marriage, sex life is at its peak and this is the period when most people have children. During this period, work and family obligations and full schedules can reduce the libido of individuals.


Many couples rediscover the attractiveness of sex at this age, since children are no longer so small. This is also the period in sex life when people are prone to experimentation. Some men at this age start having erection problems for the first time, and due to relationship problems and problems at work they may have a poor sex life.


In this age group, many couples have many years of marital experience. Statistics show that many people are at the peak of their business careers during this period and have fewer financial worries, which is an ideal time to revive their sex life.


There is no reason why sex life should not be fulfilled in the sixties. On the contrary, if you are healthy, sex can be great. People of this age are experiencing a new youth in their sex life but problems can be posed by poor fitness or poorer health. In case of lower libido or problems achieving a quality erection, natural products like Epimen Plus can significantly improve the quality of your sex life.


The human need for intimacy is eternal for the rest of life. In older couples, holding hands has been proven to prolong life. Unfortunately, this is also the period when one of the partners can be affected by a disease which can have a strong impact on the couple’s sex life. For these reasons, many then give up sex.

Sexual climax is individual to each person. It is not necessary to be guided by patterns like those when men or women reach a climax. Just because you’ve been through certain years doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it, on the contrary years of living together and getting to know each other better can only improve your sex life.

One younger man said: Sex is a necessity, like air or water. And then who has the right, if he denies it to me, if he cannot give it to me, to let me suffer. It doesn’t matter how old I am and whether I’m in a relationship or not. We don’t need to talk about who and when sex is better, at what age, but that we need it at every age. Living without sex is like living without air. You can do that, for a while, but then it’s not life. And life should be lived in its fullness.

"Men who have never experienced sexual failure are completely boring and don't have a good sense of humor."

– Stendhal, d L’amour

Epimen Plus - a natural solution for impotence

Epimen Plus capsules are a dietary supplement for strength and vitality of a man. Epimen Plus is appreciated by customers who confirm their fidelity from year to year, and the capsules can be consumed by all healthy men who want to improve their performance, endurance and pleasure in sex.

Epimen Plus capsules contain natural aphrodisiacs – a mixture of plant extracts of Japanese sophora seeds, pomegranate fruit, sweet almond seeds and Chinese cinnamon bark.


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