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Epimen Plus potency capsules are a 100% natural aid for male potency.

What is Epimen Plus?

Epimen Plus is a reliable brand of high-quality capsules that potentiate better and higher sexual satisfaction. It’s a safe and highly effective product with natural ingredients at an affordable price. Through collaboration with doctors and pharmacists, we work on upgrading and maintaining the quality to ensure that you get the best, safest and 100% natural product.

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What do Epimen Plus capsules consist of?

Epimen Plus capsule formula is the result of extensive scientific research and testing. It is proven to help with your sexual desire and endurance, guarantees a firmer and stronger erection and an intense orgasm.
Our goal is to help with your sexual fulfilment and satisfaction without any side-effects and at affordable price.

Epimen Plus capsules contain a mixture of plant extracts of Japanese sophora seeds, pomegranate fruit, sweet almond seeds and Chinese
cinnamon bark. They are based on 100% natural herbal ingredients and therefore do not have any harmful side effects.

Epimen Plus capsules contain:


Spohora japonica seed extract (Sophora japonica) - 225 mg

The main ingredient of Epimen plus capsules is Sophora japonica, which has been used in traditional Chinese medicine since ancient times due to its aphrodisiac activities and beneficial effects on health. It is a powerful cleaner of free radicals that create damage to signal transmission in the cell as well as other disorders in the body caused by stress.

The main active components of Japanese sophora are flavonoids. Quercetin, rutin and genistein, which act as strong antioxidants, were isolated from S. japonica seeds. Several other flavonol glycosides, flavonol triglycosides and tetraglycosides (the most common kaempferol), and numerous isoflavonoid glycosides (genistein derivatives) have also been found in the fruits of Japanese sophora. Japanese sophora seeds also contain triterpenes, phospholipids, amino acids, polysaccharides and fatty acids. Among all the bioflavonoids tested, quercetin has the strongest oxidizing action and is thus a powerful free radical cleaner. Improves sexual function in men.


Pomegranate seed extract (Punica granatum) - 135 mg

The main active ingredients of pomegranate fruit are polyphenols, punicalagin A and B, gallic acid and ellagic acid. Punicalagin has anti-inflammatory and antigenotoxic effects, while gallic acid shows antimicrobial and antibacterial activity. Studies show that ellagic acid has an antitumor effect and a strong antioxidant.

Pomegranate fruit also contains flavonoids (anthocyanins, catechins and other complex flavonoids). Pomegranate juice is rich in anthocyanins, and also contains the polyphenols haloylglucose, punicalagin, punicalin, and ellagic and gallic acid. It has a beneficial effect on men’s urological health (erectile dysfunction and benign prostatic hyperplasia).


Sweet almond seed extract (Prunus amygdalus var. dulcis) - 72 mg

Sweet almond seeds contain polysaccharides, flavonoids, amino acids, vitamins, provitamin beta carotene, betaine, sugars, proteins, fats, zeaxanthin and beta sitosterol.

It acts as an immunostimulant, antioxidant and aphrodisiac.


Chinese cinnamon bark extract (Cinnamomum cassia) - 18 mg

Chinese cinnamon essential oil contains cinnamaldehyde as the leading component, followed by tannins, diterpenes, organic acids and mucus. It acts as an anti-flatulence, appetite stimulant, antimicrobial and antibacterial, and cinnamaldehyde lowers blood pressure.

Chinese cinnamon is used in preparations for circulatory problems, high blood pressure and high lipids. Chinese cinnamon extract is thought to indirectly stimulate libido, by acting on pleasure-related dopamine receptors.

Effect of Epimen Plus capsules

We’re talking about sex – about better sex with Epimen Plus capsules that make you last longer and help intensify the feeling of pleasure. The pill starts to work in about 45 minutes and can last up to 72 hours if the erotic stimuli is involved. While the pill’s working, your desire will be greater, you’ll last longer and the orgasm will be very intense for everyone included in the act. In the end, you’ll want and will be able to go for more!

 causes a greater erection
• makes you last longer
• won’t let you finish first
• intensifies your orgasm
• builds up your desire and her lust

Use of Epimen Plus capsules

The best effect of Epimen Plus capsules is achieved by taking 1 capsule 35 – 45 minutes before sexual activity, on an empty
stomach, for better absorption. It is not recommended for people whose doctor has advised against physical activity due to high
sugar, blood pressure and heart problems, and for people who are allergic to any of the ingredients.

Keep the capsules out of the reach of children.

We want to assure:


We guarantee a continuous level of quality.


We promise a fulfilling sexual experience, every time.


All ingredients are completely natural, carefully selected and mixed into a unique and efficient formula.


This effective formula was created by pharmaceutical and medical experts.

Do you want to know more? Here are our FAQ’s:

Who is Epimen Plus meant for?

Epimen Plus is a product for all healthy men who would like to level up their performance in the bedroom, last longer and experience intensified pleasure.

Will the erection dirupt my daily life?

You won’t experience an awkward situation trying to end your erection.
The erection lasts as long as there is sexual stimuli and desire.

Does Epimen Plus help with early ejaculation?

Epimen Plus postpones the ejaculation so you can last longer and experience a stronger orgasm.

Will it make me last longer and take my orgasm to the next level?

You’ll be more potent, durable and you will experience giving and receiving pleasure like never before.

Who shouldn’t use Epimen Plus?

Ask your doctor if Epimen Plus is right for you if you have diabetes, high blood pressure or heart disease. Check the ingredients for allergies and keep the pills out of children’s reach and sight.

When and how should I take the pill?

For the best results, take the capsule on an empty stomach, for better absorption, 45 minutes before sexual activities.

How long does the effect of Epimen Plus last?

The capsule works it’s magic up to 72 hours, but that can vary depending on your weight and metabolism.

What’s in the pill?

Natural aphrodisiac. Capsules are a mixture of natural ingredients: sophora japonica seed extract, pomegranate fruit extract,
sweet almond seed extract and chinese cinnamon bark extract.

Where can I buy Epimen Plus capsules?

We thought you’d never ask! You can buy them here and at selected retailers.


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