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You want to know

Who is Epimen Plus meant for?

Epimen Plus is a product for all healthy men who would like to level up their performance in the bedroom, last longer and experience intensified pleasure.

Will the erection disrupt my daily life?

You won’t experience an awkward situation trying to end your erection. The erection lasts as long as there is sexual stimuli and desire.

Does it help with early ejaculation?

Epimen Plus postpones the ejaculation so you can last longer and experience a stronger orgasm.

Will it make me last longer and take my orgasm to the next level?

You’ll be more potent, durable and you will experience giving and receiving pleasure like never before.

Who shouldn’t use these pills?

Ask your doctor if Epimen Plus is right for you if you have diabetes, high blood pressure or heart disease. Check the ingredients for allergies and keep the pills out of children’s reach and sight.

When and how should I take it?

For best results take it on an empty stomach for better absorption, 45 minutes before sexual activities.

How long does the effect last?

The capsule works it’s magic up to 72 hours, but that can vary depending on your weight and metabolism.

What’s in the pill?

Natural aphrodisiac. Capsules are a mixture of natural ingredients: sophora japonica seed extract, pomegranate fruit extract, sweet almond seed extract and chinese cinnamon bark extract.

Where can I buy Epimen plus capsules?

We thought you’d never ask! 😉
You can buy them here and at selected retailers.  

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